Hi Friend!

Welcome to Sassy Miss Waxy: A wax & sugar  boutique based out of a humble home, conveniently located in the (ever lovely) eclectic community of East Austin.

The Story…

short. curly. long. silky. wavy. burly. thick. You’ve got hair. Hooray. We want to help. We all have hair stories: “Its out of control!” “I am a hairy animal.” “It is growing there… back there now!” We are hair removal specialists that ADORE body hair, and the ritual of removing it! We are passionate about body positivity and believe that ALL bodies are beautiful with or without hair. Our culture pressures one to have hair in certain places and not have hair in others, so do what makes you feel happy! Sassy Miss Waxy is empowered to care for all genders/non-binary, sizes, sexual orientations, races, disabilities and ages.

Own who you are and what you got and be free to bring your honest most fuzzy self to the wax table!  

At Sassy Miss Waxy we pledge to utilize all of the hair removal wisdom acquired over the years, perform with grace and agility, use our time efficiently, always listen with intent, soothe the skin, and make it fun (yes ripping hairs from your bod can be fun).  Our hope is to continue to add to that beautiful energy by giving you lovelies the very best of us!

Hope to defuzz ya real soon!

Love and Kindness,

The Sassy Miss Waxy Team