~Sassy Miss Waxy uses a love-your-skin (& the environment) sugar paste that is 100% natural and FREE of parabens, dyes & all other irritating fillers. So pure you can even eat it (tho, let’s not & say ya did!) because it is Sugar, Citric Acid and Water.

~This specially formulated, sugar paste does not stick to live cells … this is one of the reasons why you leave with gently exfoliated glowing skin and little to no redness.

~The sugaring technique is used for delicate areas (brazilian/bikini/underarm). Great for newbies and for maintenance clients with 1/4″ of hair.

~Sassy Miss Waxy is a low waste environmentally friendly business- Everything from the washable pads and vinyl table mat to the compostable bamboo wipes, compostable gloves and trash liners as well as the biodegradable sugar paste and hard wax. We love the planet and are dedicated to keeping our footprint low and responsible in our actions.


While professional body sugaring provides superb results on all genders as well as all skin & hair types, there are a few situations when it cannot be done:

  • Accutane: complete final phase at least 6 months before sugaring.
  • Retin-A, Renova, Tazarac, Differin: discontinue use at least 3 weeks before sugaring.
  • Others include: Lupus, current sunburn, or severe skin rash.


The keys to successful hair removal are consistency, exfoliation & hydration.  Improving the condition of your skin will absolutely improve the results of hair removal. Aloe Vera is the ultimate healer so have some on hand as well as loose comfy clothing. Allow some chill-time after your appointment. Avoid swimmy, sexy and sweaty activities for at least 12-24 hours after your appointment as the pores will be wide open and we do not want to risk your precious skin being irritated.

To Prevent Ingrowns:

Start to exfoliate your skin 7-10 days after your service and continue to do this about 3x per week until your next service.

Exfoliation Ideas:

Sugar Scrub, Salt Scrub, Salicylic 2% face wash, Exfoliation Glove/Mit, Ingrown Hair Serum ($24) Sold at Sassy Miss Waxy by our local herbalist Ritual Union. Aloe + Coconut oil are great for natural ways to hydrate + calm your skin post sugaring.

Book our Hydrojelly Masque for skin brightening and detoxifying!

It’s all about keeping your skin exfoliated and hydrated, be consistent. Keep up the great work~

your skin loves YOU!


If you want to feel super soft hair and skin on the regs, come back every 4-5 weeks.