Sassy Smooth Specialists

~The Sassy Miss Waxy Dream Team~

Meet our team member Lucianne Murphy!

Hi~ I’m Lucianne! I have been on the the journey of being a sugaring specialist since September of 2020. As a graduate of the Ann Web Skincare Institute, I am not new to caring for the body. My history working as a nurse has served me in finding ways to care for the self and others as a whole.

My goal is to help you show up in your body in the way that serves you best! Helping you feel and care for yourself with intention, while providing detail and attention to all of your hairy needs <3

What inspires you to do hair removal?

Lucianne: I genuinely get joy from supporting people to feel their most fresh and authentic self!

 What brings you joy?

Lucianne: Taking note of the small details that enhance life and recognizing the synchronicities. 

What are your passions in life?

Lucianne: Dedicating myself to treating all beings with respect and love, and learning as much as I can from those around me.

 What’s the last thing that made you smile/cry?

Lucianne: The last thing that made me smile was my  friend setting up a hammock for me so that I could lay out and enjoy the sunshine and take a nap. The last thing that made me cry was listening to a recording of a friends voice who is no longer with me, and then I smiled because of the opportunity. 

What is your idea of a perfect day?

Lucianne: Waking up slowly and having a hot drink. Easing into my day while listening to a book or music. Taking a long walk and being able to lay peacefully in grass while the sun keeps me warm. Having a nap, then enjoying a meal and dancing with friends under the stars.