Sassy Smooth Specialists

~The Sassy Miss Waxy Dream Team~

As of January 2021 meet the new Sassy Smooth Specialists:

Lucianne Murphy and Rosie Sepulveda!

We aim for our sessions to be a calm, fun and restorative experience- a moment for you to pause and feel your best, while also being totally customized and focused on achieving the best results possible. Removing hair may not be as ‘zen’ as some facial sessions can be, and we will always do our best to make it as comfortable and enjoyable of an experience as possible. We hope for every client to feel and look their personal best when leaving our appointments together.  ~ XO! ROSIE & LUCIANNE

What inspires you to do hair removal?

Lucianne: I genuinely get joy from supporting people to feel their most fresh and authentic self!

Rosie: I love helping people feel beautiful! Lots of hair, no hair, it’s all lovely, but, if you’re called to get sugaring done, I’m so glad I can help. I always looked forward to my appointments with Fiona, and was humbled when she asked if I’d like to learn how it’s done. It’s an ancient, organic and more sustainable form of hair removal and I’m happy to now be of service in this way! 

 What brings you joy?

Lucianne: Taking note of the small details that enhance life and recognizing the synchronicities. 

Rosie: So many things 🙂 My little family, water, sunshine, a good meal, a good connection, kind people. Seeing the beauty in the little things. 

What are your passions in life?

Lucianne: Dedicating myself to treating all beings with respect and love, and learning as much as I can from those around me.

Rosie: My passion in life is love- to genuinely love and be loved. My hope is to have a positive impact on those around me. I also love to shop, read, cook, do yoga and listen to true crime.

What’s the last thing that made you smile/cry?

Lucianne: The last thing that made me smile was my  friend setting up a hammock for me so that I could lay out and enjoy the sunshine and take a nap. The last thing that made me cry was listening to a recording of a friends voice who is no longer with me, and then I smiled because of the opportunity. 

Rosie:  Hearing our baby’s heartbeat! I am so over the moon to become a mama.

What is your idea of a perfect day?

Lucianne: Waking up slowly and having a hot drink. Easing into my day while listening to a book or music. Taking a long walk and being able to lay peacefully in grass while the sun keeps me warm. Having a nap, then enjoying a meal and dancing with friends under the stars. 

Rosie: Being with the people that lift me up and make me laugh. It could be a beach day in paradise snorkeling, a cozy day inside with a cup of hot tea, a road trip through the magical desert. Ending the day with a good sunset. Just enjoying whatever comes my way. There’s so many! 


Hi, I’m Rosie! I am a Licensed Esthetician and sugar wax specialist in Austin, Tx. I have been drawn to the healing arts for as long as I can remember. Before becoming an Esthetician, I studied nutrition and culinary arts, became a certified chef and Registered Yoga Teacher.  I graduated from Ann Webb Skin Institute in 2019 and began my skincare practice in East Austin shortly after. As a Holistic Esthetician, I try to tune into more than what appears on the surface of the skin, and consider your unique life in order to treat clients in a more holistic way. I love the evolving nature of this craft and the ability it gives me to help others and connect with people. Growing into my niche as an Esthetician and helping others love the skin they’re in has brought me so much happiness! 

I’m excited to now be able to offer sugaring, thanks to Fiona for being a dream to work with and the best teacher! It comforts me to know that all the products I use are completely non-toxic for you, gentle on the skin and also are sustainable for the environment. I can’t wait to meet you all soon!

You can also book Facials and various skincare services with me at or follow me on instagram/stay in touch with me  @Ramblinrosebud_  and @wildroseskincarestudio.



Hi~ I’m Lucianne! Even though I am just beginning my journey of becoming a sugaring specialist as a graduate of the Ann Web Skincare Institute, I am not new to caring for the body. My history working as a nurse has served me in finding ways to care for the self and others as a whole.

My goal is to help you show up in your body in the way that serves you best! Helping you feel and care for yourself with intention, while providing detail and attention to all of your hairy needs <3